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EPPEN is one of China's largest feed grade amino acid producers.  Now EPPEN has teamed up with IM GLOBAL to expand its reach into the international market.  IM Global is a key distributor of Eppen Amino Acid products in N. America and the exclusive distributor of Amino Acid products in all of Latin America. To learn more about the products and opportunties to represent the brand in your country please view the product page and contact IM Global.


IM Global is proud to represent IM Beauty and be its exclusive distributor in the North America market.  IM Beauty is an emerging beauty supply brand that has great expertise in wigs and eyelashes. The quality and design of their Human Hair wigs and 3D Mink eyelashes are among the top in the beauty industry. IM Global is interested in developing long term distribution and sales channels with vape wholesaler and retailers. For more information please view the product page and contact IM Global.


As one of the largest and most well-known vape brands in the world, SMOK has already established a strong presence in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Now through a partnership with IM Global, SMOK is seeking the right distribution partners to establish a strong long-term LATAM market structure.   If you are interested in learning more about what SMOK has to offer its partners please contact IM Global. 


METAS is a complete STEM educational system designed for students from age 5 - 18.  The METAS system includes all of the building products as well as teaching materials required to operate a full educational system.  The METAS package is perfect for school-sponsored, after-school, or weekend educational programs.  Please contact IM Global for more information about METAS distribution and training.




Experienced in International Logistics, IM Global is able to provide B2B and B2C shipping services to partners and customers worldwide.  Furthermore, IM Global offers competitive and convenient order fulfillment and return handling services designed to improve localized customer service and save the merchant time & money.


Clear communication is the cornerstone of business development.  In order to ensure that our clients' products and company are presented clearly and correctly to international clients, IM Global specializes in professional translation and localization.  If your company is considering developing international business, it is vital that your company's information and products are localized to meet the needs of your international customers.


IM Global was formed by and is comprised of a team of experienced international business people.  The most basic and important element of international business is developing sales channels and distribution networks in the foreign target market.  By leveraging our years of experience and large network of existing partners globally, IM Global is able to aid companies quickly and economically develop international sales networks.


About Us

A New World of Trade

     As technology, communication, and modes of transportation advance, the world of international business and trade is evolving and adjusting to these new realities.  30 years ago international trade was simpler, as competitive advantage relied heavily on the lack of transparency in information and pricing.   In the year 2018, the global network of information has created a world in which end-users can contact factories half a world away instantly.  The prices of thousands of goods and services can be databased, reviewed, and evaluated in seconds.  Likewise, with globalization in education, the language and cultural barriers to trade have all but vanished.   It is because the staff of IM Global developed professionally during this transition that we formed an international consulting company prepared to compete in the new realities of international business.


     Modern international businesses can no longer rely on the lack of information to be competitive.  In this new world of global trade, successful market entrance and sustainable growth must follow the new rules of development. The core components of modern global business are a Robust Logistics SystemsStrong Regional Partnerships, and  Professional Localized Marketing.  


     IM Global is made up of a team of diverse professionals each fulfilling a role vital to developing the core components of a global trade network.  Our mission is to leverage our international relationships, team of marketing  and design experts, as well as our network of logistics partners and subsidiaries, to aid our manufacturing clients develop globally.


     On the other side of the contract, IM Global employs a staff of operational and purchasing experts dedicated to providing our distribution partners with a stable and reliable supply of goods.  This requires a strong knowledge of international logistics and customs regulations, as well as the professional, linguistic, and cultural knowledge required to manage a large network of suppliers and agents spread across the globe.


IM Global - Your Partner in the New World of Trade


IM Global currently has offices in Chicago,USA / Beijing, China /  Shenzhen, China with a combined global staff of 62 personnel and growing. 



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