IM BEAUTY Beauty Products


     IM Beauty's focus on imagination and quality allows them to produce one of a kind products that add value to the beauty industry and the consumers. This focus also allows IM Beauty to meet the growing demand for high-quality wig and eyelashes products. IM Beauty believes imagination and quality are the keys to the success in the vaping business. 

     IM Global is a proud partner of IM Beauty acting as the exclusive distribution partner for North America.  If you are a beauty supply distributor or beauty supply store owner, please feel free to contact us and learn more about how we can cooperate in this exciting industry.

Products Offered Include

  *  Hair Bundles                                                           


  *  3D Mink Eyelashes

  *  3D Fiber Eyelashes                                                               


  *  Human Hair Wigs

  *  Synthetic Hair Wigs                                                                   


  *  Braiding Hairs