IM Global offers after-sales support solutions, including outsourced return handling, asset recovery, and product inspection services as well as the tools to get your products to market faster.


Return Handling

Outsource your return handling, reverse logistics, and asset recovery to IM Global.

Unlike other solutions we can inspect, test and recondition your returned merchandise, improving your return-to-market and ROI.


Drop Shipping

We also offer drop shipping services from our Ohio warehouse located in Cincinnati. Our custom inventory management system allows you to track your products all the way through sourcing, sales, and returns.

FBA Prep

Empower your Amazon FBA business with our FBA prep services. Our FBA prep services allow you to focus on what matters: sales, while we worry about SKU stickers and Amazon's packaging requirements.

Services Offered Include



  *  Drop Shipping 


  *  B2B Forwarding


  *  FBM


  *  SFP     

  *  FBA Prep

  *  Return Handling


  *  Repair & Restocking     

  *  Product Disposal







  *  Shenzhen, China


  *  Madrid, Spain


  *  Leeds United Kingdom


  *  Dubai, UAE


  *  Cincinnati, Ohio


  *  Los Angeles, California


  *  Guatemala City, Guatemala


  *  Mexico City, Mexico