In this global economy, clear information and communication are vital to success.  With over 40 years combined experience in international trade, the team at IM Global fully understands the importance language and culture play in conducting international business.  At IM Global we help companies cross international borders and language barriers to bring their products to market, a key element of this process is in the preparation of information.  


Professional Translation

A good translation can make or break a product in the market.  Do not trust your important product translation to a person or group that is not professional in your field.  At IM Global we work with a global network of professionals in various fields to provide exact, industry-specific translations for your software, manuals, and promotional materials.


The process of localization is not just about making sure the language is correct, it is also ensuring that your information is understood culturally.  Different cultures have different likes and customs, in order to ensure that your products are presented and promoted the best way possible, IM Global works with consultants from around the globe to ensure your product materials are correctly designed for the target market.

Services Offered Include



  *  Software 


  *  User Manuals


  *  Service Manuals


  *  Product Catalogs     

  *  Technical Documents

  *  Websites


  *  Marketing 







  *  English


  *  Mandarin Chinese


  *  Spanish


  *  Portuguese


  *  French


  *  Japanese


  *  Arabic