METAS is a Hong Kong based company and a leading brand and supplier of STEM educational products in Asia.  METAS designs their products in-house with curriculum integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Established in 2014, with offices in Hong Kong and China, METAS prides itself in designing and developing a compelling range of unique educational products for the STEM education ecosystem.


METAS offers a range of retail products for children from ages 6 -18 using out I/O Bits, which are intelligent electronic modules that can easily be connected together by magnets to form simple circuits. These toys are used to inspire and motivate children to “think outside the box” innovatively and create their imaginary world.


IM Global is the official international distribution partner for METAS STEM educational systems.  We are currently seeking educational professionals in Latin America to develop our network of educational centers.

Products Offered Include



  *  Educational Kits

     - Primary School

     - Secondary School

     - Young METAS Lab

     - Hour of Code


  *  Box Sets


  *  I/O Bits Family


  *  Kiwit Bits

  *  Software Programming Education System