Selling your product globally can improve your brand's image, ensure stability for your business, and ultimately result in more sales and higher profit margins.  But finding the right people, forming, and maintaining a professional international sales team can require a lot of investment in both time and money.  IM Global was formed by a team of experienced international business professionals.  We specialize in providing our clients with a ready to use, easy to manage, and cost-effective international sales team. 

Professional Communication

The members of IM Global's international sales staff are multi-lingual and have had years of experience in developing international sales channels and negotiating distribution agreements.  We enjoy the business and would be happy to discuss with you how we can develop your global sales network and grow your business internationally.    


Professional Image

First impressions are very important in the world of international business.  If you are considering expanding your business globally, it is important that you present a professional image.  The team at IM Global specializes in preparing sale and marketing materials, as well as internationally recognized legal documents and agreements.  With this attention to detail and understanding of different languages and cultures, you can be sure that your products and business will be able to successfully enter into new foreign markets quickly and easily. 

Services Offered Include



  *  Promotional Information Preparation 


  *  Market Study (Competitors/Pricing/Sales Volume)     


  *  Sales Channel Development


  *  Distribution Agreement Drafting & Negotiation


  *  Sales Activities (Orders/Sales Targets/Price Policies)


  *  Logistics Management


  *  International Conventions & Trade Shows


Specialty Regions



  *  China


  *  North America (U.S.A)


  *  Latin America


  *  Middle East


  *  Africa


   *  Eastern Europe


  *  Russia