SMOK Vaping Products


     SMOK is one of the largest and most well know vaping brands worldwide with an estimated 80 million users globally.  With a catalog of 100s of products, from the most simple starter vaping kits to the high-end high-power Magnum series, SMOK offers product types and prices for all vaping users.  If you are a vape distributor or store owner, SMOK is a must-have brand for your stock.  


     At IM Global we are partnered with SMOK to develop the Latin American distribution network.  IM Global will act as the exclusive communication channel for Latin American vape distributors and vape shop owners wishing to work directly with SMOK.  As a partner, IM Global provides communication, pricing, logistical, and return & repair services for SMOK and it's partners.  If you are interested in learning more and working with SMOK, please contact IM Global for more information.

Products Offered Include



  *  SMOK Kits including MAG, Alien, S-Priv                           




  *  SMOK Tanks including TFV12 & TFV8                               


  *  NEW! FIT eCig Kits


  *  NEW Rolo Badge eCig Kits                                                 


  *  SMOK Clearance Items