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Operations Research Analyst - RA0105

Updated: Jan 31

Job Title: Operations Research Analyst

Job#: RA0105

Employer: IM Global LLC

Worksite: West Chester, OH


  • Collect and import data to MySQL database, writing SQL querying code to export for reporting; Use Python pandas and SAS to develop new analytical models and techniques to standardize data collection.

  • Analyze and interpret data by using Python Pandas, R, SAS and SPSS; Use data visualization tools to create dashboard and summary reports. Work with the sales and marketing team to define pricing structure for company products;

  • Devise and evaluate methods for collecting data; Perform competitor analysis on similar products and services; Draft strategic pricing plans.

  • Develop and implement technical efforts to design, build, and deploy AWS applications at the direction of lead architects, including using AWS CloudWatch to create a dashboard to monitor the performance of web applications, data management and organization, database design and maintenance, maintenance procedures design and putting them into operation, troubleshooting the system and analyzing problems across all platforms, cloud services maintenance and cost-saving strategies implementation.

  • Work with clients to determine business requirements, priorities, define key performance indicators (KPI), and develop BI and data warehouse (DW) strategy. Define project goals, identify tasks, and determine budgets and timelines for completion.

  • Organize and improve Business Development Specialist's workflow, set goals for performance and deadlines.


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Information Technology, Data Science, or related field;

  • Knowledge of database administration, network troubleshooting, Cloud design;

  • Proficient in quantitative analysis tools of Python and SQL;

  • Supervise work of Business Operations Specialists.

Apply: mail CV with Job# to Will, 507 W Taft Dr, South Holland, IL 60473


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